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  • HVAC Customer Testimonial Video

    Corporate Testimonial, Corporate Video

    For this video, we filmed at our client's customer's office and warehouse location. We worked with our client to prepare a list of the most important questions to ask their customer about the product. To make the customer testimonial video [...]

  • A Day in Our Life


    Jarhae and Scott wanted their wedding day to reflect a day in their life together. Practicing love and affirming their vows to each other, set in beautiful Eagle, Colorado. Since they are live-music lovers, we used as much music from [...]

  • SCP Conference Sessions

    Corporate Video, Live Event Videography

    SCP needed a videographer to film their conference sessions at the JW Marriott in Downtown Los Angeles. Additional to filming their sessions, we created a video logo introduction for them as part of their new branding campaign. This new logo [...]

  • Wedding Couple Outside

    Brian & Eva

    Live Event Videography, Wedding

    For their wedding video, Brian & Eva were looking to capture the event but also the inside jokes, special intimate moments, and also have memories for years to come from all their guests.  We went for a multi-camera shoot plus [...]

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Promotional Video

Promote your corporation’s goals, vision, and image with footage of senior staff and employees sharing in front of the camera. We get coverage of your team in action at the office or in the field and coach them to "act natural" in front of the camera so you can make sure the audience connects with your company.

Investor Pitch Video

Your product may or may not be ready yet but you want a video to engage your potential investors. We put together videos to create credibility and excitement. We do research to create a custom script, a professional voice-over, relevant stock video footage and animated charts and graphs explaining market growth and the opportunity with a recommended duration of up to five minutes.

Testimonial Video

Up to one day of filming testimonials and product/location coverage for a dynamic and compelling finished product you can use on your website and social media sites!

Music Videos

Share your vision of what you want the story to be; I like to offer a treatment myself for you to consider. Most music videos can be shot over a weekend and look great. I make sure to use things you already have at your disposal so we can get the most bang for your buck. I.e. if you have a great warehouse, an awesome car, friends that can do dance choreography, a mom that can cook food for the cast and crew. This is a great add-on to your press kit to hand to venues considering hiring you.

Live Event Coverage

We show up and shoot, then offload the raw footage onto your laptop right there or take your hard drive home, load it up, and deliver to you within the week. Corporate yacht parties, highlights from your golf tournament fund raiser, workshops, classes, weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs!

Video Editing Services

Using the latest non-linear editing technology with an exceptional investment into upgrades, plug-ins, and top-tier performance computers for "live-edit" speed work. Working with already-shot footage or brand new footage. Any format including Red RAW, AVCHD, ProRes. Animated graphics and titles can be created for more engaging content. Remote work or come to the studio.

Training Videos

We make training videos too! Whether you need to train incoming personnel, new franchisees, or customers buying your product, we walk you through the process of selecting the most cost-effective and interesting solution to fit your specific needs.


Release a new product or service through a dynamic "infomercial" style video with narration, testimonials, and engaging graphics that show how your product or service benefits your customer.

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