HVAC Customer Testimonial Video November 2, 2016

For this video, we filmed at our client’s customer’s office and warehouse location. We worked with our client to prepare a list of the most important questions to ask their customer about the product. To make the customer testimonial video a little more interesting, we filmed around their office and used the footage as b-roll overlay on top of their testimonial. Ultimately we prepared several versions of the video at different durations. One version was for web, another they use…

SCP Conference Sessions August 31, 2016

SCP needed a videographer to film their conference sessions at the JW Marriott in Downtown Los Angeles. Additional to filming their sessions, we created a video logo introduction for them as part of their new branding campaign. This new logo will be used to standardize their video content online.

I Am Intercare March 20, 2014

A great way to set yourself apart from the competition is to promote your corporate ideals through video. This insurance company went the extra mile by personalizing their aims and ideals; we combined the power of their success statistics with the employees who reached those milestones by having those employees speak on camera! promote your corporate ideals through video Your corporation can stand out by featuring key employees in your video. Having them share their achievements reflects positively on your…

Be:Runa Health & Beauty Products March 20, 2014

We produced this corporate testimonial video for a San Diego based beauty & wellness products company which hand-makes all their own items. The intention was to create a “grass roots” style video offering viewers a chance to connect with the owners and get excited about their products and philosophy. In today’s tight economy you need to find ways to connect your brand with personality. It’s simply not enough anymore to have a great product or service; you need to have a…

Training Video – Extreme Sports March 20, 2014

This type of training has helped keep thousands of lives safe.  Some training videos have lower stakes, but when it comes to accuracy, you want 100% no matter the video subject matter.

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