Campaign: Undefinable March 27, 2017

A campaign video shot to disillusion the idea of the unrealistic, “right” body to practice Hatha Yoga. Speaking on the social issue of yoga practice exclusivity in affluent society, this piece (narrated and performed by yogini Danielle Orner) urges the viewer to look within to reveal that the idea of perfection is not about outward image but how we see ourselves. While it is possible to get the market’s attention by creating a clever video of the product in action,…

I Am Intercare March 20, 2014

A great way to set yourself apart from the competition is to promote your corporate ideals through video. This insurance company went the extra mile by personalizing their aims and ideals; we combined the power of their success statistics with the employees who reached those milestones by having those employees speak on camera! promote your corporate ideals through video Your corporation can stand out by featuring key employees in your video. Having them share their achievements reflects positively on your…

Be:Runa Health & Beauty Products March 20, 2014

We produced this corporate testimonial video for a San Diego based beauty & wellness products company which hand-makes all their own items. The intention was to create a “grass roots” style video offering viewers a chance to connect with the owners and get excited about their products and philosophy. In today’s tight economy you need to find ways to connect your brand with personality. It’s simply not enough anymore to have a great product or service; you need to have a…

Bonaventure March 1, 2014

Choreographed & shot in six hours, Bonaventure takes an abstract look at the unconditional relationship between Guru and disciple.

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