Sunny & Ruchi Wedding Reception

Having already been married in India, this couple wanted to have a San Diego wedding reception for all their local friends.  We were asked to film the reception and get some interviews along the way.  Often times it can be good to use two video cameras for wedding receptions, but this was done on a smaller budget with just one camera and still pleased the couple.

No matter the event, you must focus on the story!

We filmed and then edited the event down from 6 hours into three separate videos.  The video above is a montage of the night.  On the Blu Ray and DVD the couple received, there is a speeches video and an uncut interviews video.  We also took over one thousand photos and created a photo album as well as delivered all photos on a thumb drive to the couple (and kept copies of our own for safe keeping).

No matter the event, you must focus on the story!  Story can be told through imagery, but also can be evoked through music selection, angle choices and cuts, and other ways.  The emotions were captured the night of the reception, but to bring them back through cold machines takes editing finesse and vision.

Project Details

Client : Sunny & Ruchi Singh
Skills : Live Event Videography, Wedding

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