Mike Tenenberg

Having been interested in art and media from a very early age, Michael finally began his artistic career at the Art Institute of California San Diego. He studied video game art and design but soon found his passion lay in animation.

Having studied both the art of story writing and acting from a very young age, Michael soon found that his passions lay in Creative Directing and in Concept Design. While still in school he completed his first commissioned work, which was a short film for the United Nations, and soon went on to tackle his own projects. Michael’s main skills lie in storytelling and concept design, having honed his 2d rendering skills with a focus on traditional techniques, and having studied the works of authors such as Joseph Campbell for the majority of his life.

His passion lies in bringing inspirational and uplifting ideas into the mainstream view through stylish and entertaining media, and he constantly seeks to improve his ability to create to be able to meet this goal.

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