Aerial Drone Video in Rialto, California 

Drone videos showcase properties in a way traditional ground footage cannot. With this in mind, Heim Industrial Real Estate contracted Friedman Studios to shoot an aerial drone video of their 101 acre property in Rialto, California. Drone video footage offered the advantage of fully showing the property. In addition, drone footage allowed out of state clients to view the site virtually. Further, Friedman Studios delivered the video and photos within three days of the site visit.

Large Site Challenges

The vast mining site of over 100 acres posed a unique challenge. It would be difficult to showcase the site in its entirety without aerial drone video footage. Further, drone photography can turn out dull if the correct techniques are not employed. Friedman Studios accounted for these challenges when creating the drone video and photos of the mining property.

aerial drone photography of mining site

Drone Video Strategy

Friedman Studios used drones to capture footage of the site. In addition, Friedman Studios employed drones to take photos of the location. For both the video and photography, Friedman Studios capitalized on showing the property from all angles so potential clients could view the site holistically. In particular, the aerial drone video began with aerial shots from the freeway before zooming in to closer views of the property itself. All this emphasized the property’s easy access to a major freeway, a key feature. Specifically, Friedman Studios used high dynamic range photography techniques. These techniques allowed for ideal contrast in the photos when viewing the property at such a long distance.

aerial drone photography Rialto, CA

Advantages of Aerial Videos

By using drones, the footage could show not just the property’s vastness, but also the nearby freeway. Ground shots alone could not include both the property in its entirety as well as the local freeway. The easy access to the freeway is a highly desirable feature for such properties. In sum, aerial drone video and photography gave potential clients a more holistic view of the property than a walking tour alone could offer.

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