Aerial Video Tour at 10694 Tamarind Ave 

Commercial Realty Advisors, Inc. and Oakmont Industrial Group contracted Friedman Studios. In total, the aerial video tour entailed producing aerial photography and a video tour of their industrial real estate subject property in Fontana, CA. As well, the scope of work included progress photography documenting the property enhancements to make a safer work environment. Of note, the Inland Empire is one of the fastest-growing industrial real estate markets in the nation. As a result, high-quality marketing media - such as aerial photography and video tours - can give brokers an edge on other properties by helping their subject property stand out.

Tour Challenges

Challenges presented when creating the aerial tour due to active construction at the subject property. For example, the site just had a new roof installed. However, other construction still continued during the time of the services. As a result, Friedman Studios utilized visual effects to showcase how the building would function once construction finished.

aerial tour photography

Aerial Video Strategy

Friedman Studios utilized aerial photography to showcase the property, highlighting the scenic backdrop of the Inland Empire mountains. As well, Friedman Studios captured the newly installed roof via an aerial photography tour. Ground photography alone could not have showcased the work as successfully.

To complete the aerial video tour, Friedman Studios created a dynamic tour of the subject property. The video included our signature animated maps to highlight the site’s proximity to local areas of interest. For example, the animated maps indicate the distance to the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach. Further, the animated maps depict the site’s location with respect to airports. Next, the video shows the subject property’s corporate neighbors. As well, the video includes the property’s proximity to intermodal yards. Additionally, the video tour highlights the site’s enhanced, healthier office environment. The improvements included:

  • motion sensor lights
  • motion sensor faucets, soap dispensers, paper towels, and toilets in bathrooms
  • install foot pulls at high traffic doors
  • permanent hand sanitizing stations at high traffic doors

aerial photography tour

Aerial Tour Advantages

The aerial video tour gives occupiers a more complete view of the site. For example, the photography showcases the new roof in a way a ground tour could not. As well, the video tour gives context to the site. For instance, a ground tour could not depict the distance to intermodal yards. However, animated maps on the video tour can. In sum, the aerial photography and video afford tenants a way to see the site remotely.

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