Health & Beauty Products Promo Video

We produced this corporate testimonial video for a San Diego based beauty & wellness products company which hand-makes all their own items. The intention was to create a “grass roots” style video offering viewers a chance to connect with the owners and get excited about their products and philosophy.
In today’s tight economy you need to find ways to connect your brand with personality. It’s simply not enough anymore to have a great product or service; you need to have a great product or service sold by a likable company.

Video Production Keeps Your Audience Engaged

Video is the most engaging form of content on the web, and video content on the web is growing exponentially. That means having video content on your business’ website will only be expected more and more as time goes on. We further separated KB from their competition by producing video content that her audience would find valuable. It’s no longer enough to have someone hit the record button for you because consumer’s expectations are to enjoy what you have to say and they also expect to enjoy you (or your corporation) before they buy something from you.

Old Format Video Advertising Meets New Format Video Sharing

The timeless 90-second advertisement format still works today for Business-to-Consumer brands (B2C), but the content delivered within those ninety seconds has changed from touting features and benefits to slipping in features and benefits while highlighting lifestyle choices, all the while inviting your audience to become a patron of a group/corporation they like.
Business-to-Business (B2B) video production still hovers closer to Old Format but now has influences of New Format.