Long Beach Drone Video for Catalina Landing

In Long Beach, we performed drone video services to capture commercial real estate property Catalina Landing. Interestingly, this particular commercial real estate site has a long history.Property HistoryCatalina Landing, also known as Queens Way Landing, is actually considered a historic Naval Landing. The U.S. Navy acquired the site sometime between 1958 and 1960 from the […]

You’re Everything Music Video

San Diego offers amazing scenery for music video production, especially when the song happens to be inspired by a San Diego love story.  This video, produced for Jorandy, was shot at San Diego’s Historic Belmont Park for exteriors and at Jorandy’s private music production studio in San Diego. Our goal was to capture Jorandy’s fun branding […]

Campaign: Undefinable

A campaign video shot to disillusion the idea of the unrealistic, “right” body to practice Hatha Yoga. Speaking on the social issue of yoga practice exclusivity in affluent society, this piece (narrated and performed by yogini Danielle Orner) urges the viewer to look within to reveal that the idea of perfection is not about outward […]

Neshima Movie Trailer

A warrior huntress strives to fulfill an ancient prophecy and struggles against an evil barbarian who stops at nothing to destroy her tribe and gain immortality. Hollywood Independent Style: How to produce a lot with a little Our professor once questioned, “Is it possible to have creativity without constraint?” It dawned on me that in order to […]

HVAC Customer Testimonial Video

For this video, we filmed at our client’s customer’s office and warehouse location. We worked with our client to prepare a list of the most important questions to ask their customer about the product. To make the customer testimonial video a little more interesting, we filmed around their office and used the footage as b-roll […]

Trade Show Video: SCP Conference Sessions

SCP needed a videographer to film their conference sessions at the JW Marriott in Downtown Los Angeles. Additional to filming their sessions, we created a video logo introduction for them as part of their new branding campaign. This new logo will be used to standardize their video content online.

Corporate Identity Video: I Am Intercare

A great way to set yourself apart from the competition is to promote your corporate ideals through video. This insurance company went the extra mile by personalizing their aims and ideals; we combined the power of their success statistics with the employees who reached those milestones by having those employees speak on camera!promote your corporate […]