Commercial Drone Photographs in Yucca Valley 

Commercial real estate listings that stand out from the competition can lease faster. With this in mind, our client hired our team at Friedman Studios to produce commercial drone photographs of a listing in Yucca Valley, California. Specifically, our media experts captured aerial and ground photography of the subject property. Of note, our FAA certified drone pilots created a customized fight path to photograph the listing’s best angles.

commercial real estate ground photography

Commercial Photograph Challenges

With larger commercial real estate listings, the images captured need to showcase all of the property. For example, if the subject property includes several buildings, the photographs should showcase each part’s best features. However, this can prove challenging with larger locations. For this listing in Yucca Valley, our skilled team of media experts curated commercial drone photographs as well as ground ones to show all the best features of the listing, despite its larger size.

commercial real estate drone photography

Drone and Ground Photography Strategy

For this larger listing, we customized a series of commercial photographs, including both drone and ground images. In particular, we made sure to showcase several property highlights.

Commercial Drone Photography Included:

  • aerial angles of the buildings
  • showcasing the easy access to the site
  • drone images of ample parking
  • aerial photographs of buildings’ footprint
  • drone photos of building amongst corporate neighbors

commercial real estate aerial photographs

Advantages of Commercial Drone Photos

Commercial drone photographs offer brokers several key advantages. First, drone images showcase a building’s unique footprint in a way ground images alone cannot. In addition, aerial photography can depict a listing amongst its corporate neighbors. Further, when paired together, drone and ground photography offer a comprehensive view of a listing. As a result, potential occupiers can tour a listing virtually. In conclusion, drone and ground photography can help a commercial subject property make its best first impression and grab the attention of potential tenants.

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