Industrial Real Estate Virtual Tour – Rialto 

Industrial Real Estate During a Pandemic

COVID-19 changed the landscape for industrial real estate brokers, pushing them to virtual tours. In the wake of the pandemic, virtual property tours allow prospective clients the benefits of an industrial real estate site visit, while still observing stay at home orders. Toward this end, Friedman Studios was awarded the project to create an industrial real estate virtual tour in Rialto for a Prologis property represented by Colliers International | Lee & Associates.

Real Estate Tour Challenges

In the wake of a pandemic, time matters more than ever. For example, real estate brokers need to host the properties even more quickly than before. To do so, they need a swift turnaround time for the filming and production of their property‚Äôs virtual tour. Friedman Studios promptly captured the industrial Rialto property via a virtual tour. With over 10 years of experience, Friedman Studios has always offered clients industry-leading turnaround times. COVID-19 has only shortened Friedman Studio’s production timeline.

Industrial real estate virtual tour Rialto

Industrial Virtual Tour Strategy

Friedman Studios produced not only a property highlight video, but also aerial and ground photos. In addition, they created a 3D scan of the Rialto industrial property. Many clients were unable to view the property in person due to their location and COVID-19 restrictions. As such, Friedman Studios included all key details in their finalized products. For example, Friedman Studios created a quick and user-friendly 3D tour. This curated 3D tour ensures potential buyers will not get lost on a huge site, which can happen in industrial real estate virtual tours. Further, Friedman Studios strategized to give a snapshot of the property’s highlights in under two minutes via the virtual tour.

Industrial real estate virtual tour Rialto

Benefits of Industrial Real Estate Virtual Tours

Years before COVID-19, Friedman Studios served 3D tour creation for a gamut of sites. Friedman Studios invested heavily in high-end technology, gear, and hosting platforms to deliver the best user experience for clients. Typical professionals use standard 25 megapixel cameras with 1 lens to 3D capture sites. However, Friedman Studios utilizes a 120 megapixel, full HDR camera with 9 lenses. In addition, we pay a premium for access to AI mesh stitching technology. This allows virtual tour users to view floor plan, dollhouse, and “street view” angles of the property, as well as take their own measurements with 99% accuracy. This is true 3D. Most professionals use 3D-like technology that is actually 2D, with only 95% accuracy measurements, no dollhouse, and less than accurate floor plans. Friedman Studios’ strategy helped them produce a realistic industrial real estate virtual tour in Rialto.

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