Music Video – Till The Day I Die 

With over 40,000 in attendance, Prem delivers an unforgettable performance.

Every band wants creative music video production. Band members and managers who book gigs know that a good music video can make the difference between booking or missing out on a venue. It’s important to show the venue what you can do, but music video production can be expensive!
Prem was an up-and-coming band that had a lot of potential but not a lot of dough. They commissioned us to produce a music video showcasing a live performance while offering beautiful location performances in Spanish Fork, Utah.
We stayed within their minimalist budget and maintained high production value by utilizing the resources at hand. They had a huge audience and amazing scenery! Your band may not be performing in front of forty thousand people any time soon, but consider ways of using what you already have to minimize your budget requirements yet still get a great music video produced.
Today’s viewers are used to seeing high-production value music videos all day. This music video was done on a lean budget, so we made sure to focus on the personality of the band as a way to keep it interesting. We selected every element, from pacing to framing, with Prem’s branding in mind to ensure when a venue considered them, they would get the full experience of the band. Plus, using drone footage of a live performance can always help your music video production value!

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