Property Highlights 3D Video in Perris, CA 

For brokers who are looking to list large industrial properties that are under construction, marketing media makes all the difference. At Friedman Studios, we can create a property highlights 3D video that showcases your listing in its finished form. In fact, a broker in Perris, CA reached out to our experienced team of media specialists to do just that. In the end, both in-progress buildings on the site were able to make their best first impressions with potential tenants.

property highlights 3D video

3D Video Challenges

Using a professional quality property highlights 3D video gives listings an edge on the competition. Therefore, our marketing team takes special care with each property to ensure that key features are well highlighted. For this subject property in Perris, the broker wanted to showcase two adjacent buildings. Although under construction, we showcased both buildings in their finished forms, as well as their key property features.

property highlights 3D video

Our Property Highlights 3D Video Strategy

By using cutting-edge technology, our media team creates an animated rendering of the finished properties. To do so, we use the official architectural drawings. In this way, we are certain that all features are accounted for and well displayed. Additionally, in the property highlights 3D video, we paired the building renderings with animated aerial maps of the surrounding area. Doing so allowed us to highlight the listing’s easy access and proximity to major transportation hubs, in addition to other key features.

Property Highlights Included:

  • corporate neighbors
  • proximity to intermodal yards
  • proximity to major ports and 7 international and military airports
  • easy access to various state and interstate highways
  • numerous dock-high and grade-level doors
  • expansive truck court and ample parking

property highlights 3D video

Advantages of a 3D Property Highlights Video

Professional marketing media gives brokers a leg-up on the competition. This is especially the case when a broker wants to create a real estate listing for a property still under construction. Moreover, by using a 3D video to highlight key features in the property’s final state, brokers reach both local and non-local buyers. In fact, potential tenants who are able to comprehensively visualize a property may even wish to pursue a lease before construction completes.

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