Rialto Drone Progress Photography at Baseline Rd. 

While industrial real estate listings undergo construction, progress photography can showcase their current status, generating interest in the listing. As such, Friedman Studios captured Rialto drone progress photography for an industrial real estate listing in California’s Inland Empire. Specifically, our drone photography team sought to highlight updates on the property’s construction in Rialto, California.

 industrial real estate progress photography media

Progress Photography Goals

Properties undergoing construction face the hurdle of how to properly showcase what the listing will look like after construction completes. In particular, progress photography should highlight key features in a way that helps the listing make its best first impression. If not done correctly, progress photography can turn off potential occupiers. However, a skilled team can capture the property in positive lighting, leveraging the drone images to generate interest, despite the construction underway. Towards this end, our media team captured Rialto drone progress photography to help this specific listing stand out positively.

drone photography captures key industrial real estate features

Rialto Drone Progress Strategy

Our media team curated a customized strategy for the Rialto drone progress photography project on Baseline Road. Specifically, our certified drone pilots sought to capture images that showcased the newest updates on the property. Additionally, our seasoned pilots knew how to show the listing’s best angles and key features via drone progress photography. Our drone photographs highlighted:

  • the new roof
  • spacious truck court
  • new landscaping
  • Ground Level and Dock High Doors
  • property’s easy access
  • listing’s corporate neighbors
  • ample skylights throughout
  • glass detailing on office space

drone progress photography captures industrial real estate media

Advantages of Drone Progress Photography

In conclusion, our seasoned media team curated images to capture of the listing undergoing construction. Specifically, the resulting Rialto progress photography photographs showcased the listing’s key features, helping the listing make its best first impression. Of note, progress photography can increase interest in a listing. As well, drone progress photography in particular can show portions of a building traditional ground photography cannot, such as a new roof or ample skylights. In sum, a skilled media team will leverage drone progress photography to bolster the interest of potential occupiers as our media team did.

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