Rialto Virtual Marketing at 2335 W. Walnut Avenue 

In a saturated market, impressive marketing makes an impact. With this in mind, Lee & Associates, Pacific Industrial, Voit, and Crow Holdings Capital contracted Friedman Studios to create a Rialto virtual marketing suite. In particular, we produced a virtual tour video and 360 walk through (3D) tour. In addition, the suite included drone photography and ground photography for their Pacific Renaissance One industrial real estate listing.

Marketing Hurdles

When designing a comprehensive marketing package, brand consistency can prove challenging. Consistent branding for all media must occur. In this case, we worked to ensure uniform content throughout the Rialto virtual marketing suite. For example, from the virtual tour video to the 360 walk through (3D) tour, we prioritized brand integrity, delivering a seamless media package to the brokers.

aerial drone photography for rialto virtual marketing suite

Rialto Virtual Strategy

For the virtual tour video portion of the package, we began with drone footage of the subject property. Next, we added animated maps to depict the listing’s distance to local freeways. In addition, we included animated maps to show the distance to the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach. Subsequently, we highlighted both the distance to airports as well as the site’s corporate neighbors. In addition, we incorporated feature call outs, ranging from the square footage of the building to the concrete yard to the truck court. Further, we showcased the ground level door and 21 dock height doors. Finally, we depicted the warehouse interior.

In addition to the video, we created a virtual 360 walk through (3D) tour that is intuitive, interactive, and immersive. The 360 walk through includes our signature measurement mode. In particular, this feature allows prospective occupiers to have all the benefits of an in-person tour, while viewing remotely. For example, potential tenants can even see the view out the upper floor windows from within the virtual tour.

360 walk through (3D) tour photograph

Completing the Rialto virtual marketing suite, we included aerial drone and ground photography. Of note, we included both print-ready and web-ready images in a private link to the brokers.

Virtual Benefits

Virtual marketing suites offer key benefits over in-person tours. For instance, a high-quality marketing suite, complete with an advanced 360 walk through (3D) tour, can offer a high-value presentation to potential occupiers. In sum, such a comprehensive Rialto virtual marketing package maintains the broker’s brand integrity and showcases the property in the best light.

Rialto virtual marketing ground photography

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