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Long Beach Drone Video for Catalina Landing

In Long Beach, we performed drone video services to capture commercial real estate property Catalina Landing. Interestingly, this particular commercial real estate site has a long history.Property HistoryCatalina Landing, also known as Queens Way Landing, is actually considered a historic Naval Landing. The U.S. Navy acquired the site sometime between 1958 and 1960 from the […]

Campaign: Undefinable

A campaign video shot to disillusion the idea of the unrealistic, “right” body to practice Hatha Yoga. Speaking on the social issue of yoga practice exclusivity in affluent society, this piece (narrated and performed by yogini Danielle Orner) urges the viewer to look within to reveal that the idea of perfection is not about outward […]

Music Video – Till The Day I Die

music video production using drone technology

With over 40,000 in attendance, Prem delivers an unforgettable performance.Every band wants creative music video production. Band members and managers who book gigs know that a good music video can make the difference between booking or missing out on a venue. It’s important to show the venue what you can do, but music video production […]