The Merge Eastvale Video Tour 

Video Tours: the New Normal

The pandemic altered the landscape for showing industrial properties. Instead of in-person tours, many companies have turned to virtual tours. This shift is so prolific that virtual tours are the new normal. As an added benefit, video tours allow brokers to capitalize on out of state clients in addition to local ones. Towards this end, Lee & Associates | Rexford Industrial contracted Friedman Studios to produce The Merge Eastvale Video Tour to showcase their property in Chino, California. As well, Friedman Studios captured progress photography of the subject property. 

Merge Eastvale Video Challenges

Since prospective tenants cannot tour properties in person, whether due to the pandemic or because they live out of state, the video tour must showcase key features so clients can choose whether to move forward with the property. Further, a quick timeline helps the property sell faster. As such, Friedman Studios produced The Merge Eastvale Video Tour promptly.

The Merge Eastvale Video Tour Image

The Merge Eastvale Tour Strategy

To showcase the property, Friedman Studios utilized dynamic map animations. The animated maps captured the Chino property’s proximity to the Port of Los Angeles as well as to the Port of Long Beach. Further, the animations highlighted the short distance to nearby freeways. In addition, the video showcases the easy access to the Ontario International Airport. The video tour then incorporated the square footage of each building for lease, with a total of ±19,315 to ±90,723 SF available for lease.

Complementing the video tour, the progress photography shows the most recent work on the property. Progress photography gives occupiers an updated view of the site without needing to travel there in person. In particular, Friedman Studios captured the updates via drone photography. As a result, occupiers can see the subject property from a unique aerial point of view.

the Merge Eastvale progress photography

Video Tour Advantages

Friedman Studios capitalized on 4k aerial footage of The Merge Eastvale property to showcase the site’s corporate neighbors. In short, the aerial footage and progress photography affords potential tenants a view of the property that in-person tours alone cannot. The video tour format shows buyers several key features, such as the proximity to ports, that in-person tours do not. With the video tour, they get visuals of the proximity to ports, airports, corporate neighbors, and freeways. In sum, The Merge Eastvale Video Tour and progress photography allow prospective tenants to see the complexities of the subject property, giving them more than an in-person tour can.

the Merge Eastvale aerial image

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